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Little Baby Sloths Born in America

Sweet Little Baby Sloths Born in the USA

Little Baby Sloths Born in America. Get the news here about all the new little cutie sloths that were born in the U. S. A. this year.

Meet the Little Baby Sloths

Babies! The stork’s been busy at the zoos lately. There are at least 7 1/2 little baby sloths around the country this year. The half is because one is still under construction.

The new little baby sloths took some of the zookeepers by surprise because some of those sloths were pretty sneaky about it. Some didn’t even let anyone know they were dating.

Veterinarians found out a few of them, other zookeepers found an infant clinging to a sloth mother one morning, seemingly out of nowhere. Surprise a brand new baby sloth! And what a sweet one.

Let’s meet all the new little baby sloths. Please let us know which ones you like best.

Denver Zoo’s New Baby Wookiee

Little Baby Sloths Born in the USA 2
source: denverpost.com

It’s a boy. We know that now, it takes a while, several months before they know the gender of a sloth. Little baby sloths seem to like to keep that a secret for a while.

Wookiee was born to Charlotte, 23, and Elliot 28 on April 11, 2019. He has an older sister, Baby Ruth, born last Jan. so he’s their second child.

He’s a Linne’s 2-toed sloth and is already sleeping by himself and eating adult food.

The family lives at the Denver Zoo and is out and about now after a time away from the limelight to get to know their little one.

Wookiee has a special distinction. His name was announced by a celebrity. The zoo staff are Star Wars fans and held a contest to choose a name for the new baby.

The choices were Lando, Wookiee, and Kylo. People donated a minimum of a dollar to vote on the name and, as you can tell, Wookiee won.

Even better, the contest raised over $10,000 for conservation projects.

With a name like Wookiee they had to do something special with the announcement and Angie Mayhew, the widow of Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca in the movie, made the announcement on Youtube.

What do you think of our little Wookiee sloth? Let us know in the comments below.

You can find the Denver Zoo At 2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205 Check out the Map Below.

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Introduces Bean

Little Baby Sloths Born in the USA
source: koaa.com

Our next little baby sloth is Bean, a Hoffmann 2-toed sloth, Chalupa, and Bosco’s new addition. Bean is Chalupa, 19, and Bosco’s, 27 first child. This was one of the surprises.

UPDATE 11-07-19: We had Bean, Chalupa and Bosco mentioned as Linne 2 toed sloths, when they are indeed all Hoffmann 2-toed sloths.

Thank you to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for letting me know the error in the posting.  I have fixed it above.

Here is an updated picture of Bean that we received from them.  Again Thank you.

little baby sloth is Bean a Hoffmann 2-toed sloth
Source: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

They’d been together for four years and no one knew they were that into each other. Discreet.

Born May 14, 2019, at 12:15 pm, Bean is also the first baby sloth born at the zoo in fifteen years, so everyone is very excited.

Mother and baby are doing well and Chalupa is proving to be a natural mother. Like Bean Sloth? Please let us know in the comments below.

You can find this Sweet Little Baby Sloths at the  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo at 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 or check out the map below.

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Zoo Miami New Baby Sloth

This one’s the first birth for both parents. Marge, 2, and Montey, also 2 years old had a baby sloth on July 16, 2019, at 3:15 pm. The parents came from a private breeder in 2016.

The baby, still no name or gender identity yet, weighed in at just under a pound, so little.

Mom and baby will be in the maternity ward, for a while so they can bond and the baby can adapt to his or her new life.

You can find this baby sloth at the Zoo Miami at 12400 SW 152 St. Miami FL, 33177 or see the map below.

A Little Baby Sloth for Stone Zoo

Adorable, Sweet Little Baby Sloths Born in the USA in 2019
source: zoonewengland.org

Stone Zoo celebrated the arrival of their new little baby sloth on Sept. 22, 2019, from 11 am until 3 pm. The festivities included sloth trivia and educational games for the kids.

There was a drawing for a chance to meet the new sloth family. Plus, there was a naming contest. The choices were Siesta, Kapok, and Bengie. I haven’t found which name they chose yet, perhaps they’re still considering.

(UPDATE 11-6-19: I contacted ZooNewEngland.org and they have informed me that the new baby sloth’s name is Siesta.  A very appropriate name for a sloth I would think.)

The new little baby sloth was born on June 27, 2019, to Linne’s 2-toed sloths Nero, 13, and Lunesta, 15. This is their fourth baby together.

The zoo is especially pleased since Nero had been treated for leukemia several years ago and they were unsure if he could sire any kids.

Way to prove yourself, Nero. Give Stone Zoo a thumbs up if you like this one.

You can find out more about it at the Stone Zoo at 149 Pond Street Stoneham, MA 02180. Check out the map below.

Three More Little Baby Sloths

More Adorable Baby Sloths

Welcome to Sid, Akala’s new son at Pana’ewa Zoo in Hilo. This new little baby sloth was born sometime during the night of July 25 to July 26. Akala is originally from the Honolulu Zoo. Congratulations Akala.

Two, count them, two new infant little baby sloths were born at the Salisbury Zoo in Maryland. A female sloth was born to 8-year-old Buttercup and a male sloth was born to 6-year-old Mia.

This is Buttercup’s third and Mia’s first, so Mia has an experienced mother close by to learn from. Both were born at the end of July 2019.

Coming Soon Sloth Babies

Almost Little Baby Sloths Born in the USA
source: wpri.com

Last, but not least, we’d like to announce that five-year-old Fiona and Wesley at the Roger Williams Park Zoo are expecting their first child.

The discovery of the pregnancy was celebrated on Oct. 20, International Sloth Day, appropriately enough.

The baby sloth is expected sometime next Spring, approximately May or June, although it’s hard to give an accurate estimate since gestation is from 10 to 12 months.

With all these little baby sloths, 2020 is going to be perfect for baby sloth viewing.

Most will be out and ready to meet you by then. Plan your trip now and see you in 2020.

We Hope You Like These Sweet Little Baby Sloths

Sweet Little Baby Sloths Born in the USA in 2019

We hope you like our little posts about sweet little baby sloths. Please let us know in the comments below.  Have a Sloth Day.

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