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Adorable and Informative Sloths Compilation Set to Music


What’s better than a sloth compilation? A sloth compilation set to music! A fun background for all the sloth activity.

Learn Some Simple Facts a Fun Way

These sloths are all having a good time and while you watch them enjoying themselves you can listen to some music and read some quick facts as they show on the video.

Most of these are adorable sloth babies and that’s always a bonus.

They aren’t camera shy either, some are coming right up to the camera for their close-up.

Check it out and share it with your friends. It’s a day brightener, for sure.

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  1. They are cute but I love the three groups of howler monkeys on my ranch more! I get up before they do, play my guitar and watch the sun rise. Then they see their new day and the dominant male starts to growl to the other males in the area saying if you come any closer I will kick your butt. They also complain when it is the dry season because of the heat, they also complain if it rains too much! They have many happy sounds. The females don't say much except when you come to close then they throw things at you or take a dump on you! I guess not everything they do is cute! I had to raise one of their babies because it fell off the mother and she would not come down to get her baby because they a fearful of the land predators. I found the little girl fed her for thee months but she was a pain in the ass she had to have a human to cling to at all times day or night or she would cry just like a human baby! As she grew older she started to climb everywhere with her little diaper on, curious about everything. Then one day her old tribe retuned as they did from time to time and she heard the male and left with them. They knew where she was. Then there was the time one could not let go of a power line I herd her and thought a human child was dying but I do not want to bore you and will tell you the story in our next life!

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