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SLOTH LOVERS Find Romance and Love

2 SLOTH LOVERS Find Sloth Love Together
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SLOTH LOVERS find Sloth Love Together. Two random strangers find out they are both sloth lovers at heart.

This unique chance encounter may bring a Sloth Lovers Romance that they may not be aware of.

It was written by Ms. Margie Sue.  Check out her website SkullGal.com for more of her work.

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Sloth Lovers Romance Story

“So, do you Take Time to Chill?”

The question took Megan completely by surprise. “What?” she asked, turning to look at the man who was standing behind her.

Take Time To Chill Sloth Bag“Your bag. Do you take time to chill?” he pointed to the Sloth Canvas Tote Bag ( …more ) picturing a happy sloth grinning at the observer while hanging from a branch. The man referred to the phrase printed on the side of the bag.

“Oh”, Megan relaxed. “Yes, I do. I’m chilling right now, as a matter of fact.”

“Well, that’s good. I’m Sully, by the way,” he extended his hand.

“Oh hi, my name is Megan.”

They shook hands, then just like strangers do on their very first encounter, they felt a little awkward.

“I don’t usually walk up to strange women and start talking,” Sully tried to reassure her. “I’m usually very shy and mostly a loner. But, I saw your sloth bag and…”

“Oh, you like them, too!?” Megan exclaimed.

“Oh, yes. Did you see the new sloth at the zoo?”

“Three times!”

The excitement in the dark eyes of a girl who loves sloths behind brown glasses mirrored his own.

A smile crept up to her lips, which surprised her as she was not usually this friendly with strangers.

His eyes were dark brown and a little puffy. His dirty taupe hair hung past his shoulders.

Her muddy brown hair, tangled and dusty looking, was the most beautiful he’d ever seen.

“Say, please don’t think I’m forward, we’ve just met and all, but would you like to go out?” Sully almost didn’t get the words out, he was so nervous.

Sully was not one to talk to women. Tongue-tied and awkward was his norm. He was actually surprised that the words actually came out of his mouth.

‘I usually like to do things alone, too, but there’s something about you. I’d like to go out with you, thanks. What do you have in mind?”

“How about the beach? Just for the day. There is a beautiful spot that I know does not get very crowded.”

“Sounds great.”

A day and time were set, numbers exchanged and the pair of sloth lovers planned their outing.

Sloth Lovers Day At The Beach

Arriving at the beach on the agreed-upon day, they were delighted to find it almost completely deserted.

Besides the lifeguard and a couple of kids trying their hand at beachcombing, they were the only ones there.

This surprised them, though, as it was a hot sunny day with a slight breeze coming from the ocean, a perfect day to be at the beach, but they didn’t question their good fortune.

big round sloth blanketTaking their time, they located the best spot to set up for the day.

Once they found a nice spot Megan pulls out this big round sloth blanket ( …more ) from her now-famous sloth tote bag (.

It was the biggest beach towel he had ever seen.  “How big is that towel? he asked Megan with a smile on his lips.

She looks up and saw the smile. “He has a very cute smile, I would love to see it more often.” she thought to herself.

“This sloth towel is a good 5 feet in diameter which gives us plenty of room to put all our things away from the sand.” She said

“I can see that, it certainly is big enough for us and our towels and your sloth bag.” They placed their beach towels, the Naanle Happy Cartoon Sloth Towel ( …more ) wearing a yellow duck inflatable circle design for him and the Sleepy Sloths with Love Towel ( …more ) design for her, showing a whole group of loving sloths looking at her.

“Do you swim?” Sully hadn’t thought to ask this when they were planning.

“Do sloths make me smile?” Megan rejoined, playfully.

He already knew the answer to that… a resounding YES. “Then let’s go change and jump in.” And they ambled off to get ready.

They emerged from the changing rooms quite sometime later, in their swim attire. As they saw each other they smile.  Here was a pair of sloth lovers that no one would miss.

Sully sported on his thin frame a pair of Chibaokun Men’s Sloth Quick-Dry Swim Trunks ( …more ) featuring a sloth lying upright on a branch across the most pertinent part.

Womens Two Piece Halter Neck Sloth SwimsuitMegan’s with a smaller frame was encased in a Women’s Two Piece Halter Neck Sloth Swimsuit ( …more ) with a more whimsical sloth lying upright on a branch and the words “Follow Your Dreams” parading over the peaks. It was a very cute ensemble and it looked great on her.

They slowly strolled to the water’s edge, Sully carrying a large object.

It didn’t need close inspection to see it was a sloth, more specifically a Huggables Sloth Inflatable Beach Float ( …more ).

Walking out a suitable distance, Sully set the float on the water.

“Would you care to go first?” Sully swept his arms toward the float with a flourish.

“Oh, that is such a cute sloth float” Megan gushed as she settled herself lengthwise along the sloth’s floats body. “Cute smile and a gentleman.” she thought to herself.

Sully folded the arms of the float over Megan as if the sloth were hugging her and she snuggled into them with a wiggle of pleasure.

Huggables Sloth Inflatable Beach FloatSully guided her as if she were on a boat and gave her a gentle ride.

There was a cup holder in one of the arm’s paws.

She thought, if she’d brought a drink, she’d have been set. It was so comfortable.

As the sun became warmer, she joined Sully in the water.

They splashed one another and swam short distances, stopping to explore as they went and gradually, the last vestiges of being strangers disappeared.

Finally tiring of the water, they came in. Both were happy to discover that the restrooms were located near some trees.

“Would you like to rest?” Sully asked, solicitously.

“I think so, yes.”

Sully set up a pair of portable hammocks ( …view ) that he got from two very small bags.

“I was wondering what you had in those little bags,” she said. “I figure they would come in handy.

If we like sloths so much we could act like them for a little while and just hang from the trees” he said.

They placed his Nufure Sloth Water Sports Shoes ( …view ) and her Cute Sloth Flip Flops ( …view ) intimately, side by side, and spend the afternoon talking and getting to know each other better, just like their favorite sloths, hanging on a tree.

Dinner Time For Two Sloth Lovers

A while later, both were hungry, so they decided it was time to set out their meal.

“You don’t have bug spray, do you?” asked Megan.

“No, why would we want to keep away the bugs?” Sully asked, perplexed.

“No reason.” Relieved, Megan found one more thing they had in common.

Sloth apron“Just sit down and let me handle everything as he proceeded to set things out.” Sully got down from his hammock, donned a Sloth apron ( …view ) and when Megan saw it she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” he said with good humor on his eyes.

“That Sloth apron ( …view ) has the same design as your Sloth Towel ( …view ) a sloth on the beach wearing a ducky float.” She said.

“I know, I Love Sloths… and I want to be safe on the water.” He said and they both laughed at the joke.

Megan had packed the food and dinnerware. Sully placed pieces from the Disposable Sloth Dinnerware Set ( …view ) for each of them, plates, cups, napkins, and flatware, 100% food grade-BPA free, and biodegradable. Plus, two Sloth Can Coolers ( …view ) to keep their drinks cold.

Before he opened the cooler, she stopped him. “I wasn’t sure what you’d like. I got a feeling and I think I was right. I hope you like it.”

Sully, curious, then proceeded to take out a salad of wet lettuce and spinach leaves, escargot, roasted crickets, and for dessert, chocolate-covered ants.

“These are delicacies,” he declared, “I’ve never met anyone else who would like something like this. It’s wonderful”

A slow blush of gratification rose in Megan’s cheeks. Sully served her first, then himself and they spent the next hour enjoying their food and their conversation, discovering they had more in common with each other than either had with anyone else.

“Sully,” sighed Megan, “I have never had this much fun with anyone.  Thank you.”

With the sun setting and the afternoon coming to an end, they felt that maybe they should wind up. After carefully cleaning their area, they returned to their cars.

“Megan,” Sully touched her hair, toying fondly with the seaweed that had tangled there during their swim. “Would you like to go out again?”

“Definitely,” she told him, blissfully, her hand reaching for his. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“And I’m glad I met you.”

“And to think it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t seen my sloth tote bag ( …view ).”


And with that our Sloth Lovers parted ways… for now.  What do you think of the story?

Do you think two people who love sloths can find each other? Would they make it?

Would they visit every sloth sanctuary together?  Let us know if you will like us to write a Sloth Lovers Story (Chapter 2).

Please let us know in the comments below.

We Hope You Like Our Sloth Lovers Story

2 SLOTH LOVERS Find Sloth Love Together

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